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Mel shares her baby shower story with photos!

We often receive absolutely beautiful emails from customers and Mel's was one of them. Her first email was in reply to her 'Order Recieved' email. She explained that she lived in a small town in Australia, in fact, it was the town furthest from the sea and the entire population was 35! Out of those 35 two of the women were pregnant and she was organising the baby shower. I replied to Mel's email saying we would love to see pictures of the big day. Yesterday afternoon, Mel sent through an email that made our week (it has been a long, hard week!). I have copied Mel's email so everyone can enjoy what was obviously a fun-filled baby shower! Thank you Mel! If I make it to Eromanga, you pull out the barbie, I will bring the cruisers!

Following is Mel's email to us...

Ok Ladies,

First of all thank you so very much for the order. It was EXACTLY as described and I could not have been happier with all of the products that arrived in mint condition due to the fabulous packaging. I will be recommending you to all and have already let everyone know the online address. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Let me tell you about the day...

Started with a baby quiz followed by a little game I called the Mama Marathon. Women were split into teams and it worked as a relay. My husband (god bless supplied all the extras). The teams had to dress a baby doll, put it in the pram, weave in and out of witches hats, hang wet washing on the line, weave back in and out and stop to pick up scattered toys along the way, then make a bed and return to the start. All blindfolded with the direction of one of their team mates. Tag the next team member and start all over again. (due to me organizing, I excluded myself haha, I am the smart one) We had women hugging trees, swearing at each other, vowing never to let each other look after children due to their filthy mouths, mum's to be nearly having their babes from laughing so hard and a whole lot of chaos with screaming, I said right not left!!! I made sure the washing was wet so when they picked it up they got covered in water!

The next game was a word game which i deleted the words of a story I had written about them and gave the teams a list of words with out seeing the story.

Example: type of housing
A noun (object)
body part
mans name
body part

It started ......Once upon a time their were two ladies named Rikki and Casey who lived in a ___________ and desired to have a __________. To get the show on the road they started rubbing their__________ against _______ followed quickly by touching his________________.

Well you get the idea. I would just like to say that more poor friends are having everything from shoes, dresses, forks, vibrators etc and the most disgusting team was the older ladies from the CWA!

We had 8 teams of 4 and 30 children. Our town tripled in size for the day and we all laughed so hard. I have attached another thing I did. I got the women to supply baby photos and put them on paper with a lovely mother/baby quote and then laminated them all and had them swinging around the pergola. (See Picture 1)

I also got all of the ladies to paint their hands and we did a canvas for the girls with all our handprints with a little saying I had printed in the middle.......OK you asked so I will tell you what it said....

Sometimes in life we struggle
And we cannot do it all
But with these hands you see before you
All you have to do is call

(I have no idea why I did so many degrees at uni, I think I should just go into full time baby shower planning consultancy!!!!!) oh and maybe writing blurbs for greeting cards.

This was the first baby shower I had thrown and thought other women may want some ideas showers that are not all tea and cake.

Well thank you so very much again and if you are ever near our little town (Eromanga ) please know you are always welcome.

Warmest regards
Mel Everitt

By the way, the women were all aware I would be sending you an email with the photos of the day.

(click on the photos to enlarge)


I asked the women to supply two small gifts exactly the same
and yes that is a vodka cruiser on the table (western women can drink)

                   A crash

Casey and Rikki

Mel with the camera directing operations

Casey and her mum


Cutting of the cake

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