Sunday, 31 August 2008

Baby Shower Gifts with the Oooh Aaah Factor

There are gifts for babies and then there are gifts!
I have found that practical gifts that are also beautiful are always welcome gifts.

I personally love presentation. That doesn't mean there has to be $30 of wrapping and adornments either. Some of my most treasured gifts are from my three and four year old sons. They wrapped the gifts themselves with the utmost of care and tenderness. Who knew second hand wrapping paper with two rolls of sticky tape could elicit tears from mum? Oh and the present was a gorgeous two colour texta drawing of.... me, I think! :)

Baby Aspen also love presentation. Their stunning range of baby gifts are in a class of their own. You can see that Baby Aspen have put thought in to their baby gift collection. These are gifts that elicit *oohhh's* and *ahhhh's*.

Our latest Baby Aspen additions are now available on The Baby Shower Shop now.